The Land of Make Believe

The Land of Make Believe

There is a place where money doesn’t matter. And that place is where I like to call The Land of Make Believe. I almost made this a picture book to really show you what I mean.

I didn’t realize how special it was to be accepted into this place, especially for who I am and what I do, until 2024.

The Land of Make Believe is a place where you can find and solve problems. You can make things and find them. It’s where you can be as cringe as you want but it didn’t matter because you made something.

There’s a certain groundedness to the people who have been there. At first, I thought it had been “context” or “pegidree” that had allowed me to be able to see it. But, it doesn’t even work that way. These people find you.

There are pockets of people who go there and sometimes they go together.