New-Age Consumer

New-Age Consumer

Internet Basics

📓Online Commodities

How the Web Works

How HTTPS works

Consumer and Creator

📓1. Creator = Consumer📓2. The Active Consumer📓3. “Creator-GTM”📓3.A. Where the Viral Things Are📓4. The Anonymous Economy📓5. Pre-founder: People-focused investing


📓5.A. Pre-founder: Nontechnicals

Creator Studies

📓1. Intro to Creator Studies📓2. Creator Policy🪟2. View: Research📓3. A Spectrum of Influence📓4. Influencing Influencers


📓TCM/C-TAM📓Revisiting Community Investing📓Rethinking Consumer LTV📓“Organic” = unpaid?📓Introducing: On-Page Collaboration, LiveWriting, anti-Press Publish📓VC Managers: Finding your style📓Women’s Consumer (2022)📓The “online” button



Personal Journal

📓An intro to Personal Journal📓Advice for a Y1/Y2 woman in VC📓Advice for a Y3 woman in VC 📓My love letter to Journalists📓Women and Wikipedia 📓“Pedigree”📓Why I dropped out

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Welcome to the New-Age Consumer.

A modern library and scrapbook on what the hell is happening with consumer investment, habits and the internet by creator and early-stage venture investor Em Herrera.

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Here are some core themes to what I believe is the future of creating consumer earthquakes and what is causing them.

Purpose: This library is to:

  1. Highlight an emerging industry and consumer behavior that is being studied in live time.
  2. I’m mostly going to persuade you in my theory that the “early-stage consumer” ecosystem has been and will continue being replaced with “creator” (industry use of the term).

How to consume this content:

  1. A library is only truly useful when it’s complete. If there’s something you’d want to add, tweet or DM me here. I’ll be giving credit on this page - and on twitter.
  2. Explore perspectives. Be open minded where you see fit.
  3. New-window” it. Feel free to keep opening as many pages as you want. A lot of the links will be to insights that aren’t my own, so take time and run through different opinions. Write down your opinions. Keep the tabs open. Be messy with it.
  4. This is a series of blogs. There’s going to be another separate, but progressive version of these points that touches on the early-stage consumer ecosystem as a whole.
  5. Share your opinion. Send me a DM - tell me your thoughts.

Thanks to the many of friends who have heard me ramble and boil down these points to as short as I can possibly make it. Considering this is a workbook, and not a concluded blog yet - if you’re reading this, you’re a part of that. So thank you.

What I do

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Supporting the creator ecosystem: Some policy stuff, some research stuff, some prefounder stuff…