Introducing: LiveWriting, anti-Press Publish

How the “Publish” button changed how we write and what it means to be done.

Introducing: LiveWriting & Anti-Press Publish

In short, I like when you can see me write. I want more writing companies to have OPG: on-page collaboration.

OPG is exciting for two main reasons:

  • Real-time editing
  • Ownership

The reason why this blog is so messy and unkempt is because when I’m bored, I just open Notion and start writing. That updates to Super.so that acts as a frontend so it’s not too obvious this is just my Notion. Here were my options and why I wanted it that way.




At first, I wanted to open a WorldofText. But, honestly it’s kinda hard to not set up an “open-contribution” section that lets anyone anonymously type on any part of the site at any point.

Pros: Loose, true live-time writing. I think, as a reader, it’s so engaging to feel like someone is “online” and working live-time. If you’re deeper in the writing community, it would be so cool to go back and forth with someone while you work - even if you don’t know them.

Cons: The issue is that the one time I tried this, my ex-boyfriend wrote me a love letter (it wasn’t wanted). So, what’s the next best thing?

A Google Doc

Yes, I thought about an automatic redirect to a Google Doc or a sheet. I just, selfishly, hate writing anything creative on Docs.


The gorgeous front-end and star of almost-Livewriting. It takes your Notion and tries to make it… not Notion looking.

Although I won’t release my full writing stack right now, I will say that the base of this is Notion.



Notion is, of course one of the most popular type-based productivity tools on market, raising over $343M in venture funding and has millions of users, mostly thanks to some of the most impressively organized and relatable influencers on the planet. (All hail Ms. Lexie Barnhorn.) I think Notion has written the modern masterplan of influencer marketing for software, in my book.

In addition, Notion was one of the most recent success stories of transferring one of Google’s most popular user expectations and product delights off of the core platform: on-page collaboration.

It’s important to note that there’s a lot of hate thrown onto Notion.