4. CRMs

4. CRMs

A CRM is a database of everyone you know - and if it’s useful, it can also help you keep track of your last interaction with the people you should keep in touch with.


There are no good CRM softwares and if you’re in this industry you probably think the solution is software so I just wanted to get that straight off the bat.

There are no good CRM softwares because you 1) meet people in person and will have “hey!” texts in ur phone constantly 2) they should sync from your social accounts, but they don’t. That’s because these social accounts don’t want your connections to leave the software they built.

Could they make better internal CRMs to at least make it partially easier to understand who you know or are connected with to any degree? Sure, but that’s assuming that these companies care about the actual use of their products for consumers and famously that almost never happens.

Your networks

  1. Linkedin
  2. Twitter
  3. Friends
  4. Any community you’ve ever been in

How I have mine

Airtable. Segmented. And I made you a very basic version of it.

When do do it

I’m telling you. Do it once a month. Go through texts - ask who they are if you didn’t save the contact. Download your google cal and download the month’s meetings

Like this: