3. People you know, and people you don’t

3. People you know, and people you don’t

This chapter is on what I cannot get around, still, in my software year. There will 100% be opportunities for you to feel left out - the odds are that those are mostly going to be in calls between two Seniors and you might witness some adopted behaviors you should consider work for you at that moment in your career.

You don’t know anyone

First of all, venture used to be way smaller than it is today. Also, Seniors - then Juniors - do not love to admit it’s gotten bigger. There are plenty of previous Juniors who leapt deeper into venture and those names linger. Do not take it personally that anyone is talking about anyone else in the space you don’t know. Just look them up later and most of those people they’re talking about don’t even care to keep in touch anyways.

Talking poorly of other people

In general, as a Junior - don’t talk smack. Please, please - do not talk smack. Judge-y talking is a cultural bonding exercise that is a luxury for Seniors.

Seeing it, or not.

If there’s a call with Your Partner and Someone Else’s Partner, this is a gorgeous opportunity to see the social dynamics between GPs within industry. Write down as much as you can observe. The odds are, if you’re on that call, Your Partner wants for you to meet that person because 1) they’re proud 2) they want someone to blame if they didn’t see someone 3) they need someone to outbound what you didn’t see.